Thursday, 14 February 2019

WBOC Far From Fair And Balanced Reporting

All you have to do is look at the two posts I put up the past two days on this particular matter and you'll very quickly see, most do not support John Cannon.

However, leave it to WBOC to deliver yet another ONE SIDED piece defending John Cannon. They went to the Chamber of Commerce for a statement but they never once discussed ALL of the topics Culver brought up in his well detailed letter and WHY Culver is asking Cannon to step down.

This is one of the key reason I support Culver, he's not politically correct, he's a businessman. Sound familiar? 

WBOC's piece on this matter was flat out a HIT PIECE and as usual what they deliver is NOT "FAIR AND BALANCED" reporting. They've become a tabloid news outlet that HATES our President and County Executive. 

SBYNews broke this story well before anyone else and SBYNews comments prove there is in fact another side that WBOC refused to report on. 


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