Tuesday, 12 February 2019

'Virginia Vise’: With Lt. Gov. Not Quitting Over Sexual Assault Allegations, Democrats Continue To Implode

The dumpster fire that is Virginia state government continues to burn. It has decimated the governing leadership, as well as the Virginia Democratic Party. State Attorney General Mark Herring and Gov. Ralph Northam both admitted to wearing blackface. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is now besieged with allegations of sexual assault. The second woman came forward Friday, which Fairfax strongly denied. He was equally vociferous in his denial regarding the first allegation, which he said was a consensual encounter. The Washington Post and other outlets knew about the allegation but did not run the story, being unable to corroborate it. Well, we have two accounts now, along with calls for Fairfax to resign. In less than a week, the Virginia Democratic Party has been decimated. And the party is facing a tough decision concerning Mr. Fairfax because any scintilla of support for him could reap a whirlwind with female voters. Virginia Delegate Patrick Hope, a Democrat, has threatened to file articles of impeachment against Fairfax if he doesn’t resign by Monday. Fairfax, like Northam, said he’s not going anywhere.

This issue could have implications outside of the state as well. Women and black voters played a huge role in the state Democratic Party’s epic 2017 wave. This crisis threatens to infuriate one, the other, or both. The fix is easy if you’re a Democrat, all three have to go, but politicians have egos; even those who turn out to total idiots, like Northam. His mulling of doing a moonwalk at a press conference about his blackface days, which was stopped by his wife, says all you need to know about how he feels about this matter (via NYT):



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