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The Corrupt DoJ vs. the People

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Let’s do a little pretending. You are living in East Germany in 1960. The Stasi, the repressive secret police, have arrested you. As you are languishing in prison, the state prosecutor asks you to cough up information that will be damaging to a certain individual that the state wishes to condemn. The prosecutor’s demand is backed up with a threat. If you don’t compose the incriminating information he seeks, you will spend the next 40 years behind bars and the state will go after your spouse, your children, and your best friend Fido. Everyone you love will be destroyed.

Ah, but you say, “This is America in 2019. That could never happen here. Aren’t we lucky to be living in the land of the free and home of the brave?” Well, guess what? This used to be the land of the free. Thanks to the politicized justice system that was set in motion more than 20 years ago and reinforced during eight fateful years of the Obama administration, the quaint notion that we benefit from due process has evaporated, along with Cinderella’s ball gown and fancy coach. A former federal prosecutor by the name of Sidney Powell has blown the whistle. If you watched the January 27th episode of “Life, Liberty and Levin” on the Fox channel, you heard Ms. Powell dispel the illusion that our justice system is fair and impartial.

Powell, author of Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, described a system consisting of out-of-control prosecutors who will do anything to get a conviction. She accused the Justice Department of a broad range of offenses. Some of those include:


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