Thursday, 14 February 2019

Stacey Abrams’ False Claims About Election Integrity

In her response on behalf of Democrats to the State of the Union address, Stacey Abrams employed more of the over-the-top rhetoric that has come to characterize political opposition in the age of Trump.

After laying out her grievances against the president and offering few concrete policies, Abrams’s speech pivoted to a harangue intended to perpetuate the liberal and media-driven myth that there is an epidemic of voter suppression going on in this country.

While Abrams said she “acknowledge[d] the results of the 2018 election” in Georgia, in which she lost the governor’s race by over 50,000 votes, she then claimed “efforts to undermine” the right to vote are ongoing.

Abrams has continued to blame “voter suppression” for her loss, saying the gubernatorial election was “stolen from Georgians.” The website for the advocacy group that Abrams heads, Fair Fight Action, says: “We know that the 2018 elections in Georgia were rife with mismanagement and irregularities.”



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