Thursday, 14 February 2019

Robin Smith: Cuomo's Condemnation of His Own Making

The New York governor has the gall to appeal to his faith regarding abortion legislation.

Thank you, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It’s easier to make a point when a real experience or example is available to bring a truth to life. The Democrat New York governor is allowing America to see what happens when one attempts to reshape one’s religion to fit into culture instead of having an impact on one’s culture using the power and truth of one’s faith.

Christ Himself spoke iconic words to Nicodemus about His Father sending His only Son as the payment for sin in John 3:16. But most want to stop with that one verse. Keep reading the rest of Jesus’ words in verses 17 through 21 to see that God doesn’t condemn individuals. No, we do that through our own words, actions, and pursuit of darkness versus light.

In the recent law signed by Cuomo, to the macabre cheers of his colleagues, abortion on demand was legalized up to the moment of birth, even during active labor. Not surprising, the horrors of abortion have been exposed through the coverage of this and Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam, who intimated that in his state’s bill, a baby and mother would receive “comfort care” post-delivery as discussions would ensue as to the mother’s wishes … after birth.



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