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Preseason Trout Stocking

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources crews stocked 24,250 trout.

Allegany County
  • Evitts Creek: 900 golden and rainbow trout
  • Jennings Run: 1,100 golden and rainbow trout
  • North Jennings Run Watershed: 300 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Wills Creek: 900 golden and rainbow trout 
Baltimore County
  • Stansbury Park Pond: 750 golden and rainbow trout
Calvert County
  • Calvert Cliffs Pond: 300 golden and rainbow trout
  • Hutchins Pond: 450 golden and rainbow trout
Carroll County
  • Piney Run Reservoir: 1,300 golden and rainbow trout, full spring allotment for this location
Charles County
  • Hughesville Pond: 300 golden and rainbow trout
  • Myrtle Grove Pond: 650 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Wheatley Lake: 900 golden and rainbow trout
Frederick County:  
  • Middle Creek: 900 brown, golden and rainbow trout 
Garrett County
  • Casselman River: 2,450 rainbow trout (delayed harvest)
  • Youghiogheny River:900 rainbow trout (delayed harvest)
  • Youghiogheny River, Friendsville: 450 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Youghiogheny River, Oakland: 900 golden and rainbow trout 
Howard County
  • Centennial Lake: 750 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Little Patuxent: 1,100 golden and rainbow trout (two per-day)
Montgomery County
  • Lake Needwood: 750 golden and rainbow trout 
Prince George's County
  • Allens Pond: 600 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Cosca Lake: 600 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Governor Bridge Pond: 300 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Greenbelt Lake: 450 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Lake Artemesia: 450 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Melwood Pond: 450 golden and rainbow trout 
  • Tucker Pond: 450 golden and rainbow trout 
Queen Anne's County
  • Unicorn Branch: 300 golden and rainbow trout (two per-day)
Washington County 
  • Antietam Creek: 450 brown, golden and rainbow trout  
  • Greenbrier Lake:2,650 golden and rainbow trout
  • Licking Creek: 450 brown, golden and rainbow trout 
  • Little Tonoloway Creek, Upper: 300 brown, golden and rainbow trout 
  • Sideling Hill Creek: 750 brown, golden and rainbow trout 

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