Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Police: Md. human traffickers released on bond despite immigration, public safety concerns

Three weeks after Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared war on human trafficking, two men accused of taking part in the illegal sex trade, were released from jail despite immigration, flight risk and public safety concerns.

The case highlights the frustrations shared by multiple law enforcement sources working to eradicate pimps and madams, but finding themselves at the mercy of the judicial system that can often have a more lenient worldview.
The Brothel Along Garland Avenue:

In August 2018, the Montgomery County Police Department’s gang unit conducted an undercover sting at an apartment building along Garland Avenue in Silver Spring, near Rolling Terrace Elementary School. The officers witnessed various men come and go from the building.

Police stopped a number of suspected “johns” as they left the area. All admitted to paying for sex with an unknown woman inside. One man confessed to shelling out $30 for a 20-minute appointment. Another man explained he knocked on the apartment door, was let in by a short, heavyset man, paid that individual $35 and was then allowed into the bedroom.



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