Thursday, 14 February 2019

HEARING ALERT: State Commission On Criminal Sentencing Policy - Annual Report - Crimes Of Violence

Important Legislation Increases Judicial TransparencyNote: House Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearing on HB 229 on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 1:00 PM
“60 percent of those convicted of gun crimes in Baltimore City do not serve any serious jail time, and are simply released to commit violent felonies again and again. That is completely unacceptable. Help us bring transparency and accountability to our justice system by enacting the Judicial Transparency Act.” - Governor Larry Hogan, January 30, 2019
State Commission On Criminal Sentencing Policy - Annual Report - Crimes Of Violence

Governor Hogan’s Proposed Legislation Requires The State Commission On Criminal Sentencing Policy To Produce A Public, Annual Report Which Includes Detailed Information On The Sentences And Sentencing Guidelines Issued For Violent Crimes. “The report shall: include any changes to the sentencing guidelines made during the preceding year; review judicial compliance with the sentencing guidelines, including compliance by crime and by judicial circuit; for each conviction of a crime of violence as defined in § 14-101 (a) of the Criminal Law Article, identify: the crime of which the defendant was convicted; the sentence imposed; the applicable sentencing guidelines range; the sentence recommended by the State; the court and judicial circuit with jurisdiction over the case; and the sentencing judge; review reductions or increases in original sentences that have occured because of reconsiderations of sentences imposed under § 14-101 of the Criminal Law Article; and categorize information on the number of reconsiderations of sentences by crimes listed in § 14-101 (a) of the Criminal Law Article and by judicial circuit.” (“House Bill 229,” Maryland General Assembly, 1/24/19)

  • Governor Hogan: “I have been fighting for four years to bring further transparency and accountability to state government. And that standard should not just apply to the executive, and legislative branches, but should also extend to the judicial branch as well.” (Remarks, “Comprehensive Crime Initiatives,” 1/8/19)

  • 60% Of Individuals Charged With Gun Crimes Have Seen Their Sentences Suspended. “Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says from arrest to conviction some of Baltimore’s most dangerous criminals are on the street with little to no fear of breaking the law and getting any serious jail time. For the past 18 months, the Baltimore Police Department has tracked gun offenders from their point of arrest to their sentencing. In 60% of the cases, the gunman has seen a suspended sentence. Davis says, ‘They know if they’re caught nothing is gonna happen to them they know it.’” (Joy Lepola, “Police: 60% Of Gun Offenders In Last 18 Months Received Suspended Sentence,” WBFF, 6/15/17)  


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