Wednesday, 13 February 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Wicomico County Executive Culver Asks Council President Cannon To Step Down

County Executive Bob Culver has asked Council President John Cannon to step down based on his recent statements at the last council meeting. He believes Cannon is also interfering with the Executives Office through violations of the Charter. 

Cannon has been at the helm for way too long and his only interest is to bash Culver, (like Pelosi vs. Trump) and take away as many powers "We The People" voted for an executive branch of government. 

While Cannon has nowhere near the popularity to become a County Executive, he's in charge of the Council portion and is dead set on taking those powers away from the Executive branch. 

It's time to change leadership on the Council and move the County forward. Do you agree it's time for a change in that leadership?


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